About Us


Torridge Pilot Gig Club is a thriving club with ambition to compete to a high level, who prides itself in being friendly and inclusive, and open to all age ranges and experience levels.  We offer rowing opportunities for both recreational and competitive crews, with a team of great coxes to take you on your journey. We are proud members and supporters of the CPGA (Cornish Pilot Gig Association).


The club’s committee is run by volunteers who are committed to ensuring the success of the club. The current committee members are:

  • Chair – Jeff
  • Vice Chair – Mark
  • Treasurer – Harriet
  • Secretary – vacant*
  • Membership Secretary – Simon
  • Ladies’ Captain – Rachel
  • Men’s Captain – Ruth
  • Recreational Captain – Hilary
  • Crew Development Officer – Sarra
  • Health & Safety – Barrie
  • Boats maintenance – Richard
  • Welfare Officer – Susie
  • Events – Angie & Denise

* For details of how to apply for the vacant Secretary position, please contact the Chair

What we do

As a club we offer opportunities for all members to row, and aim to provide development opportunities on and off the water to support every member in their rowing journey. We have one category of membership, and provide opportunities to those who wish to compete, and those who enjoy the more social aspect of rowing.

All members are welcome to take part in the club Barbarian races and open rows. Should you wish to compete please speak to your captain, Crew Development Officer or the selectors who can provide information on the club selection process.

Open club events

Open rows

Aimed to bring crews together, and provide opportunities for more experienced rowers to support the development of others. Feedback will come via the cox and selectors only, either during the row or afterwards. This is an opportunity to work on own technique, if there are areas where you would like to develop further please speak to the cox who will provide guidance, or will signpost you back to the captain, selectors or Crew Development Officer for support.

Barbarian races

These provide racing opportunities between the competitive crews, provide coxes race condition experience and offer the recreational crews the opportunity to take part in a mixed crew race.  The number of crews will vary depending on the racing calendar, however, should a race be cancelled for any reason the club will put on a Barbarian race for training purposes to ensure the crews have the opportunity to race as a crew.

Racing crews

  • A & B Crews – based on fitness, experience and crew fit to compete at a higher level.
  • Vets – Aged 40-49
  • Super vets – Aged 50-59
  • Masters – Aged 60+

Rowers in older age groups can compete in younger categories, but not vice versa

All racing crews are expected to submit a 2k ergo time at set intervals during the course of the year, in accordance with the selection criteria document to be considered for selection for races, and to maintain their position within the crew.


On water

  • Crew training sessions for race preparation, coaching sessions, drone footage reviews.
  • Drill sessions for technique for both racing and recreational crews
  • Men’s & Ladies’ open rows – for all members
  • TGIF rows on a Friday evening – open to all members and more of a social row.
  • Monthly Barbarian club races for all members (will vary depending on race calendar)

Off water

Thursday & Friday sessions at the Bideford Blues – focusing on ergo technique, strength and conditioning. Open to all members and great for overall fitness.

The club owns three Concept2 rowing machines (ergos) which are available for all members. Free of charge, need to book on TeamUp calendar.

Whilst rowing is a great low impact activity, we do encourage our members to train off the water as well, as overall fitness is very important. Whether it be swimming, walking, running, whatever floats your boat (pun intended) it is good to have a balance of strength, cardio and stamina training, ensuring that you include stretching as flexibility is also important.

Cox training/coaching

As a club we actively support anyone who expresses an interest in becoming a cox, and are very lucky to have coxes with vast experience of gig rowing. We also look to continually develop our existing coxes, as we appreciate their dedication and time in taking the crews out all year around.