Our History

Torridge Pilot Gig Club was founded in March 2006 as a community amateur sports club, based on the river Torridge at Appledore. 

We initially started the club using a borrowed GRP gig (kindly loaned to us from HMS Raleigh) for training and then also borrowing wooden racing gigs at several regattas in our first year. In 2007 we launched our own new racing gig “Will-to-Win” and in 2009 we purchased “Kerens” from Mevagissey gig club. 

With the recent addition of “Endurance” we now have 3 wooden boats. We also have 2 GRP gigs, “Revenge” and “Oarsum” (although painted as “Oarsome” on the boat itself). We have a new plastic boat on order, due to be delivered in 2024.