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Resources available for off-water development

The 2k (2000m) ergo test

The 2k ergo test is performed by thousands of people globally, across all ages and experience levels. It is the distance in which competitive rowers tend to race on the water so makes it an easier comparison for overall fitness.

The rowing machine uses up to 85% of the muscles in the body. When doing a 2k, you push these muscles to do as much work as they can. On the bike or treadmill, you can push very hard but the upper body is barely worked. An erg workout isn’t just a leg-burner; it’s a whole-body-burner which tests you both physically and mentally. It is the ideal distance to empty the proverbial tank. Not short enough for an all-out sprint but not long enough to row at a steady pace.

It employs both aerobic and anaerobic capacities in the same test. It not only tests how well you can breathe and maintain higher heart rates but also your ability to physically and mentally push through the burning pain of lactic acid build-up. As part of the clubs selection criteria for racing crews, it is expected that rowers submit a 2k ergo time at intervals during the year to the selectors.

Below are resources to support you on your 2k ergo journey:

British Rowing

2K Training plans / ergo

Beginner –

Intermediate –

Advanced –

Strength & conditioning

It is important that you include strength training within your off water training, especially if you are wanting to race. There are a number of ways you can include this within your exercise routine.

Below is a link from British Rowing which provides strength and conditioning sessions for all rowers.

Other resources

ErgData app – Great tool for tracking your ergo training, you can upload your data onto the concept website to check your rankings against your age / gender both in the UK and worldwide.