Code of Conduct

In light of British Rowing (BR) decision to allow all types of rowing to commence 29th August 2020 TPGC Committee have put together this Code of Conduct which all members who wish to return to rowing must follow.

This code will be reviewed by the Committee as we go forward and see how matters develop and the code operates.

As stated by BR “public health is the number one priority” and all members must take responsibility for ensuring this when resuming rowing and help reduced the spread of the virus.

1.         You must not attempt to row if you show signs of being infected.

2.         If you row and then show signs of infection you must get tested ASAP and if the results are positive you must as well as following the government guidelines advise a member of the Committee immediately. Please refer to the Committee Contact Details page.

3.         If you are contacted by the Committee and advised you have rowed within the last 14 days with a member who has reported a positive test result you must follow the Government quarantine rules.

4.         Each boat may be used more than once per day.  Boat bookings must allow a gap of 20 minutes between bookings. Boats must be returned to the boat park between sessions for cleaning and to allow crews to swap at a safe distance. When more than one boat is going out, do not launch and retrieve at the same time.  Only one crew can be within the wooden or plastic boat park areas at any one time.

 Please stagger your launch times and retrieval times accordingly allowing enough time for crews not to come into contact with each other.

Please take into account the time that crews will need to properly clean the boats.

5.         You must observe the 1 metre social distancing as far as possible when preparing the boat to row, during launching and retrieval and packing away the boat.

Please be mindful of the public and politely ask them to move away especially when going to and from the slipway.

We do not wish to have complaints from members of the public.

6.         A face mask or covering must be worn during the activities referred to in point 5 above.

7.         If you are concerned the boat has not been cleaned from a previous row you should consider cleaning the boat before preparing to row and launching.

NOTE:  BR say: “a virus can remain on surfaces and other materials for a number of days.  For this reason it is important to regularly clean any surfaces that might be touched by multiple people”.

8.         Trolleys should be cleaned before use as there is a potential for the public to have touched them whilst in the boat park or on the slipway. The same goes for the boat covers.

9.         Where possible enter and leave the boat from the side rather than walk down the middle.

10.        Rowing should not be at race pace.

11.        When rowing, do not turn around and face another rower and avoid face to face contact.

12.        All coxes must wear a face mask or covering and eye protection which can be glasses (including sunglasses), goggles or a face visor.

When leaving the slipway or returning to the slipway the Cox may ask Rower 6 to wear a face covering to allow the Cox to remove theirs if they can’t give clear instructions to the crew whilst wearing a face covering to ensure a safe launch or returning to the slipway.

13.        All rowers should have a face covering available to wear when rowing if requested by the Cox to wear it.

14.        During rowing only stop for short periods.

15.        Avoid seat changes unless essential.

16.        After rowing when the boat is back on its stand ALL surfaces of the boat, all parts of the oars, all ropes, including but not limited to launching trolleys and blocks and any other surface which have been touched must be thoroughly cleaned.

17.        After the boat cover is on all parts of the cover which has been touched including the ties must be thoroughly cleaned.

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of every rower and the cox to ensure the cleaning procedures are followed before the boat is left for the next crew.

18.        Please dispose of used cleaning materials in a safe manner (there are several bins along the quayside).

19.        Coxswains to be responsible for checking calendar immediately after row to ensure crews on calendar are correct.

20.        Rowers’ personal equipment must not be handled by other rowers.

21.        BR recommend where possible to row in the same/very similar crews

22.        Please be considerate to others when booking boats. It is not known how many members will wish to row so please do not block book. The Committee have no wish to have to restrict boat use.

23.        To row or cox you will need to have paid your membership subscription in full.


In each boat there will be a sprayer filled with bleach diluted to 50:1 as recommended by BR.

Please use it to spray all surfaces and equipment which rowers have touched.

There are paper towels to wipe the surfaces down once sprayed.

Coxes to please report when stocks are running low (obviously we don’t know at present how much will be used per cleaning session) so they can be replenished. Don’t leave it to the last minute expecting it to be done immediately.



Thank you for your co-operation. There are no specific guidelines issued by CPGA so your Committee is working hard to ensure your safety

If you have any constructive suggestions going forward then please contact a Committee Member.